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Years of clinical research has shown that many factors affect weight such as metabolism, the bodies ability to release and store fat, the ability to release toxins such as bacteria and viruses, the balance of neurotransmitters, and hormones. These issues are tested on each individual and controlled using Computerized Personal BiocommunicationTechnology. Body Balance’s ULTIMATE FAT LOSS  program works to get to the heart of the problem and is customized and tailored for each individual using Computerized Personal Biocommunication Technology. Because of the technology used, this program is unlike any available program and is why it has excellent results.

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Body Balance’s ULTIMATE FAT LOSS  program also uses Self-Mastery Technology which is a proven form of brainwave training based on the research of some of the nations leading universities. 

Dr. Patrick Porter has used this technology for more than two decades with exciting results for thousands of clients. This form of brainwave entrainment, combined with mind messaging (also known as creative visualization), works by retraining your thoughts and emotions relating to food, health, and self-esteem.

What good would it do for you to lose all your weight only to fall back into the habit of conditioned hyper-eating that caused your weight problem in the first place?

Does losing weight before only to regain it frustrate you?  You can retrain your brain to eliminate conditioned hyper-eating, end stress-eating, and put a halt to emotional eating-minus the grueling discipline.

So you see, to achieve weight loss for life, you not only must take off your excessive weight, but also have the right mind-set, correct eating habits and the positive, stress-free lifestyle necessary for keeping your weight off for a lifetime.  Then you will experience the NEW, REVITALIZED you.

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