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Today, we want to introduce you to the newest developments in our weight management and healing program.  We have combined the best technology with diet to enable you to lose the unwanted weight efficiently as well as to restore your health.  Please visit and read all the information that is now on our website at 

We are more excited than we have ever been about the weight loss program we offer as a part of our healing treatment protocol.  Most important to the success of this program is that you understand we are not a “weight loss clinic”  but a “total wellness clinic”.  Not only will we help you shed those unwanted pounds, our goal is to restore vibrant health, with weight loss being one piece of the puzzle.  Patient safety and long-term health benefits are our main concerns.

Our goal is to make this program affordable to as many as possible.  The more patients we can help, the quicker we can help turn the tide on the horrific obesity epidemic and its contribution to the demise of vibrant health.  We are committed to REFORMING HEALTHCARE: One patient at a Time!

There is definitely NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL program.  Believing God has created each of us as unique human beings, it is obvious that each patient’s experience with the program is as different as their finger print to humanity. 

Working with the program, we see high blood pressure drop, elevated cholesterol and triglycerides drop, blood sugar numbers improve, joint pain decrease, cognitive improvement, pain levels decrease, and most exciting, resounding joy for all those who struggled for years with the battle of the bulge. 

On the Ultimate Fat Loss Program, your treatment will include regular urine analysis testing to monitor you closely while participating in the program.  We are confident of your success if you remain consistent with our recommended follow-up,  doing the program as designed.

As with any successful weight loss, it must be understood: the patient who incorporates fundamentally sound lifestyle choices (physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally) has the greatest hope of long-term success.

Now, let’s get started on “your” personal journey toward transforming your health. We have witnessed miracles unfolding right before our eyes and are honored to share what we have learned with you.  We look forward to helping you reach your weight loss and health goals.  Call the office today to schedule your new patient exam. 717 303-2088.

When you succeed, share this program with everyone in your life that you care about.  Become part of the biggest mission we face as a society, REFORMING HEALTHCARE: One Patient at a TIME!  Let us all be a force for positive change.  May we all work together for a healthier future!

Yours in Health,

Dr. I. Page, DC